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What to Do If My Canon PIXMA MX922 Won’t Print?


Canon is the leading name in the market, which is known for its exclusive products and among its several models, Canon Pixma mx922 is one, and has been leading in the market with its high productivity and reliability. It has perfect printing quality; good hardware; easy to use both via wired and wireless connection; and much more. But, there are many occasions when the user shared their experiences while handling the printer for their purposes and they encounter the issue– Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Won't Print. It is listed as a common issue which the user gets while printing. This technical issue hold the users work a while until the issue gets fixed. The user will no longer be able to print their important documents.

The possible reason can be outdated printer driver; loose connecting cable between the printer and device; and much more. Below we listed out the resolution to overhaul the technical glitch.

The root cause behind Canon Pixma MX922 Printer Won't Print

  • Outdated Printer driver
  • Loose connecting cable
  • Week Internet Signal
  • Printhead nozzles are clogged
  • Wrong Installation of software
  • Low ink levels in the ink cartridges

Troubleshooting Techniques to Resolve Canon Pixma MX922 Not Printing

You must look into the Canon MX922 Won't Print Troubleshooting steps to fix this issue right from the front.

Technique 1: Check Connecting Cables

Check if the connection between your PC and printer is proper, and make sure that the device is properly connected with each other.

Technique 2: Remove the Jammed Paper

Paper Jam is one of the technical glitch that disables the printer’s task to print further, and it happens due to the improper insertion of papers in the tray. For Canon MX922 Won't Print Troubleshooting, you must ensure to check and remove the jammed paper or any foreign material in the printer’s paper tray

Technique 3: Install Ink Cartridges

  • Make sure to install the ink or toner cartridges properly.
  • In case, your ink cartridges are empty, you must replace it with a new one.
  • Always use a soft cloth to clean the clogged or dirty print head. 

Technique 4: Update the Outdated Drivers Properly

Faulty drivers or wireless connections don’t allow the printer to print. So, make sure all the printer drivers are updated properly. If possible, you can reinstall them to check if the issue is finally sorted out.

This is it! With the help of these effective steps, you can resolve the issue of Canon Printer not printing, and if you still have any query– Why Won't Canon MX922 Print, you can reach the technical representatives at any time. However, there are many users, who encounter the issue–Canon mx922 Won’t Print Wirelessly, and you can get rid of it, by following some guidelines:

Step 1: Before getting through the wireless connection setup, Ensure that the printer and router is turned on.

Step 2: Next, try to restart your devices.

Step 3: Check the internet connection, if it’s working proper, you can start printing.

Step 4: However, If the issue still there, keep your printer close to the router.

Step 5:  Now, reset the printer settings to default and then start printing again.

Step 6: Again, Check the connection between your printer and PC.

Step 7: Proceed with all these steps, and if the issue still there then check for other physical issues.

With the above steps, you would have easily learned to connect your Canon mx922 printer wirelessly. However, In case you need any assistance, let us know by contacting our team. Good luck! 


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