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Handy Guide for HP Officejet 6600 Printer!!

HP Officejet 6600 printer is widely used in areas like small and medium scale businesses. The Officejet printers comprise of the advanced wireless network connection. Other benefits are the latest web printing technologies and affordable products.

Some of the other main features are AirPrint setup, two-sided printing, mobile printing solutions, ePrint capabilities, and colorful touch screens. You can also use a colorful touchscreen to comfortably manage the tasks and use shortcuts. In crisp, this printer comprises long-lasting battery life having high-quality printing.


HP Officejet 6600 Printer Wireless Setup


In this section, you will know about HP Officejet 6600 printer wireless setup process. Check out the setup guide and follow them properly when required.

  1. Start by gathering the network requirements like username (SSID) and password. Don’t connect the Ethernet cable or USB during the printer setup.
  2. Ensure that your HP Officejet 6600 printer and computer are turned on. Along with it, your printer and computer should be connected to the same wireless network.
  3. It is advisable that you must use broadband internet access and turn on the printer by using the power button.
  4. Now, in this step, download HP Officejet 6600 printer driver and install the software by systematically following the on-screen instructions.
  5. From your HP Officejet 6600 printer, click on the Settings icon and tap the wireless icon on your control panel to smoothly connect the printer to the wireless network.
  6. You should choose from the options like print, fax, scan, and copy from the control panel and tap on the OK button. 

After following the steps mentioned above, properly connect the printer to the wireless network.


Why is My HP Officejet 6600 Printer Offline?


When your HP Officejet 6600 printer can’t connect properly with the desktop or laptop, it shows the offline status. If you are facing the issue of why is my HP Officejet 6600 printer offline, in this situation, you need to restore the HP Officejet 6600 printer offline to online status. Typically, causes for HP printer going offline is because of clogged paper, outdated firmware, cable or connection difficulties, and more. 

To troubleshoot the issue, you must use HP print and scan doctor to quickly resolve HP Officejet 6600 printer offline error. Along with it, you can also reinstall, restart, or reconfigure the device as the default printer.


Troubleshooting Steps for HP Officejet 6600 Printer Won’t Print Properly!!


Now, let’s move ahead and check out troubleshooting steps for why my HP Officejet 6600 printer won’t print properly. Have a look at the method and use them to use your HP Officejet 6600 printer smoothly.


1. Set Printer as Default Printer

To knows how to fix if my HP Officejet 6600 printer not printing color, then the best option available is to set the printer as the default printer. Check the steps to set the printer as the default printer.

  • Press the Windows logo key and R from your keyboard to open the run dialog. From the dialog, type control and click on enter. It will open your control panel.
  • Choose devices and printers from the control panel.
  • Right-click on the HP printer from the printers section, choose Set as the default printer and tap on yes if asked.
  • You can see a tick below the icon on the HP printer, which means that HP Officejet 6600 printer is set as the default printer.


Check out the guide to know about the steps to perform the wireless setup. Along with it, check the troubleshooting steps for why HP Officejet 6600 printer goes offline. If you have any other issues, then check out the HP Officejet 6600 printer manual to get assistance. 


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